GBU’s cloud based workforce Management empowers field crews and supervisors – along with schedulers and dispatchers in the office – with a highly intuitive platform for managing and accomplishing any field service work.Simplify field service management with a single solution that removes the need for paper. Run your organization with a focus on the business, without the burden of software to download. No IT staff and no equipment required. An mobile app downloaded on filed service employee serves as mobile office. The app allows the employee to get the work assignments, enter field data, photos, documents and report the progress of field work.

Benefits of Mobile employee management software

 Accurate record of site time – how long it takes to undertake an audit.

 On line forms reduce paper and printing bills – improved sustainability and financial savings.

 Automatic data and report output – reduced administration time for staff and no postage.

 Less trips to office for mobile workers saves time and money.

 Intelligent job planner automatically allocates jobs in fuel and time efficient manner.

 Forms are date and GPS stamped automatically, and along with embedded signature provides comprehensive audit information.

 Real time link provides instant access to on site information.

 GPS tracking allows you to identify locations of mobile worker team Less vehicle mileage which reduces fleet maintenance costs.

Mobile Worker

 Easy to use format – forms can look exactly the same as their paper based originals.

 Assignments allocated automatically in a time and fuel efficient manner – reduced travel time.

 Forms submitted via a mobile network – no posting, no writing up, no faxing, no visits to HQ.

 Live link to office whilst audit process is taking place for assistance.

 No lost reports as copies are stored online automatically.


 Reports are created instantly in a legible standardised format.

 Clients have immediate record of work done.

 Electronic document library.


 Reduce operational costs by reducing non-productive idle times of your workforce by assigning the right crews, with the right skills , and geolocating customer meetings with minimum travel time.

 Improve customer satisfaction by honoring customer appointments, reducing appointment windows, and avoiding missed appointments by booking appointments with precision based on your workforce’s actual capacity and real travel time between customer appointments.

 Optimize productivity by assigning routine work automatically, freeing up key resources to deal with complex and priority work.

 Prioritize and make assignments to filed quickly and remotely with the central cloud based administrative tools.  use powerful interactive tools to redistribute priority work during the day as needed.

 Reduce wasteful travel time by boosting the productivity of your crews, and minimize travel time to corporate office. Scheduling work based on field employee location.