GBU Parent-Teacher Communication cloud software and app facilitates and strengthens teacher-parent communication to promote student success in and out of the classroom.

Our simple, easy-to-use features save teachers time, increase parent engagement, and strengthen your entire school community.


 Engage and connect with parents, teachers, and staff, privately or in groups.

 Send school wide updates to parents and staff.

 Enjoy a staff-only group for improved internal communication.

 Coordinate events, fundraisers and field trips, and request parent volunteers.

 Create groups for extra-curricular activities, school teams, and projects.

 Enable simple, direct communication between teachers and principal.

 Share assignments with push notifications.

 Send updates and reminders.

 Geo-fencing allow an administrator to set up triggers so when a device enters (or exits) the boundaries defined by the administrator, a text message or email alert is sent.